Facts about Asylum Seekers

Each of us wants to live and spend our time for the rest of our lives in a place where war and chaos are not present. We want to live with our family in a place where we can have a peaceful sleep at night and will not worry that someone might harm us. Unfortunately, there are cases that people experience torture and abuse that lead them to seek Asylum in other places.

Have you encountered asylum seekers in your place? Do you want to know facts about them? Well, if you want to understand everything about them, this article will help you big time!

Here are the facts about Asylum Seekers:

  1. Asylum seekers are people who have feared persecution based on racial discrimination, religion, nationality, political views, and many more. For these reasons, they flew away to search for a place that will offer safety and security. If you are confused about the difference between a refugee and an asylum, well, an asylum seeker will no longer experience the process of third-country resettlement. To be granted asylum, they must be identified as a refugee after the legal process. At this moment, they need to seek help from lawyers for their betterment.
  2. Did you know that many Asylum Seekers are victims of torture and persecution? Yes, you read it right! They leave their countries because they need to for themselves and family. Many of them run away without anything with them for their safety and security. Some of the asylum seekers have witness their family members being killed by someone and they do not have the power to defend themselves. Mostly, they are put in the rehabilitation centers because they have been traumatized significantly those who suffered torture. Along with their trauma are long-term physical effects and long-term psychological effects. Usually, they will suffer from abdominal pains, respiratory and cardiovascular problems, damages in the nervous systems, and many more. Also, they will suffer depression, anxiety, difficulties in focusing, and many more. If you have asylum seekers in your place, do not judge them easily since they need your understanding.
  3. The process of asylum in the United States of America takes time and even years; this fact complicates the healing process of the asylum seekers. During this time, asylum seekers will not have full support from US and need to seek their own immigration counsel. Instead of spending their time to heal and overcome the trauma, they will deal everything to have the asylum that they seek.
  4. The children are greatly affected by the trauma. Most asylum seekers have children and kids with them which is the saddest thing. At their very young age, they have witnessed the cruelty of the world that they do not deserve. They need extra love and care that we must not steal from them.

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