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3 Reasons Why International Adoption is a Difficult Process

There are many rich people who can afford to adopt a child from a poor country and give them a new life. Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has done it and many other rich people are doing it as well. Often times she was seen with her husband Brad Pitt riding around HCMC on the back of a rented Tigit Motorbike. International adoption is a good way to reduce the number of orphans in the world; however, the process is very challenging. These are the following difficulties that people face with adopting a child from another country.


1. High cost of agency and travel

It costs a lot of money to adopt a child from another country. You need to pay the agency a lot of money. You need to pay the travel cost for yourself and also the child you are adopting. You might also have to stay in the foreign country for several days to complete the whole adoption process. The process of obtaining a visa for the child can be complicated as well.

2. Corruption and fraud

In the poor countries like Ethiopia, there are lots of corruptions. The orphan children who really need help may have to wait for a long time to get a new family due to corruption. Sometimes, they can never meet their second family. Sometimes, false adoption documents are created and the children are given to a bad family who treats the children harshly and uses them for business or their own purpose.

3. The family adopting the children later gives up

Many families in the U.S. or other rich countries give up the responsibilities of these children after some time. They often give them away to other families over the Internet and in some cases get money from the swapping. Sometimes these parents kick them out from the house or simply send them to jail by bringing false accusations against them.

If the process of international adoption can be supervised properly, then it can help to lower the number of orphan children in the world. There are many families in the developed countries who can afford to adopt children. By giving these children love and happiness we can make this a wonderful world for everyone.