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3 Ways you can Help Orphans Around the World

Children around the world are suffering from poverty, violence, disease, etc. Many of these children are orphan and live in a country where the government doesn’t provide any support for their upbringing. You will find them on the streets begging or getting involved in illegal activities for money. We, who are fortunate enough to lead a normal life, should help these children and make their lives better. Here are some ways you can create a difference to their lives.


Make donation

There are many non-profit organizations that work for orphans. They operate in under developed countries in Asia, Africa, and other continents as well. You can make a donation to these organizations so that your money is used in educating, feeding or giving shelter to the orphan children.

Provide financial support to orphan graduate program

Most non-profit organizations work for school going children or pre-school children. There are few organizations that come up with graduate programs for teenagers so that they can do something meaningful in their life. The orphans get to learn various life skills like cooking, or other skills that you help them earn money and become independent. This way they won’t get involved any kind of criminal activities like prostitution or taking drugs. You can give financial support to these organizations. You can also give suggestions on what skills they can learn, and do some volunteer work as well.

Host orphan yourself

You can host an orphan in your home and let him or her be part of your family. This way the orphan will not only get his or her necessities like food and shelter, the orphan will also get the love of a family.

Every person has a responsibility towards the society. We should contribute to making this society a better place for everybody. By taking one of these steps in helping an orphan, we can make our society livable for everyone.