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Top 4 Reasons Why We Have Orphan Crisis in the World

Orphan crisis is affecting millions of children in the world now. It is sometimes a wonder, how we reached such state. There are many reasons for it, but the most important ones are mentioned below.


If you are living in a developed country, you might not have a picture in mind of what poverty looks like. It can be surprising, but the fact is that billions of people in the world are living in poverty. These people earn as little as $1.25 per day which is insufficient to cover costs of shelter, food and raising children. So, children become an orphan as they are abandoned by their parents because of poverty.


There is some level of corruption in every country. Children are being trafficked elsewhere and they are tortured. They are not given enough food or proper shelter. Domestic unrest also causes these children not to receive the daily necessities of life.



The number of people with HIV virus or AIDS is increasing. For this reason, many parents die young leaving behind their children. This largely contributes to the increased number of orphan children.

Complicated adoption process

In many countries, adoption is a very complicated process. Many people cannot adopt because of the high cost of adoption. There are also many formalities that they have to meet. This makes it difficult to adopt an orphan child.

Some government offers adoption grants which help in the adoption process. The government is also taking steps to make people aware of the HIV and AIDS and reduce the cases of this disease. Many non-profit organizations are helping orphan children to give them a good life.